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Campaign for Nebraska. Unlimited Possibilities

The Campaign for Nebraska: Unlimited Possibilities

Moses Moxey

Bahamian fisherman’s grandson becomes big fish at UNK

Bonefish Folley.

(His name rhymes with “holy.”)

Bonefish Folley.

The man was so meek and lowly, a bonefish guide in the Bahamas who became a legend over the years as people came from around the world to hang with him on his boat.

Ernest Hemingway … President Nixon … Martin Luther King Jr. … Those were just a few of the people with famous names he’d guide to the best spot in the deep sea.

His strange talent for attracting both people and fish made his own name famous. A Bahamian singer once wrote a hit song about him to a happy island beat. The singer, Phil Stubbs, walked into Bonefish’s yard one day with a cassette player to debut the song for him and his family.

Bonefish Folley. He’s so meek and lowly.

Bonefish Folley. He’s the one and only.

“Who’s Bonefish Folley?” a grandson asked. That grandson who was like a son to Bonefish, didn’t know his humble “Grampy” was a celebrity.

Bonefish died in 2012, just a week before reaching 92. He lived long enough to see that grandson go off to college far from home to the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

But Bonefish didn’t live long enough to see that grandson’s own name become famous there.

Chuck Bukin

UNL graduate shows his love for Love

One day decades ago, a know-it-all sophomore sent a letter to his UNL dean, telling him exactly what he thought of the university.

How much he hated it.

How the professors “didn’t know beans.”

The dean asked to meet with him. So the young man sat down in front of him and repeated what he’d said in the letter.

The dean took notes.

Find out what happened to the young man.

Klara Hrncirikova

Living in America a dream come true for UNL student

One morning last April, a young woman in the Czech Republic woke up and checked her e-mail.

She was waiting for an important message. Every morning, first thing, she’d check for it.

For years, Klara Hrncirikova had dreamed of studying in America. She’d dreamed of being a successful lawyer like Ally McBeal from American TV. She’d dreamed of living in big cities in different countries, especially in America.

Her village was small, maybe 400 people including her and her parents and her grandmother, who all lived together. Her family didn’t have a lot of money. They couldn’t afford to send her abroad.

That’s why she was waiting so anxiously for word from America.

That April morning, it arrived.

Friends keep triple threat doctor's dreams alive

Dr. Paul Tran had a dream. He wanted to return to his home in northern Vietnam someday and teach the U.S. approach to graduate medical education at a university there.

Tran was awarded a grant from the Vietnam Education Foundation to do just that, and he was well on his way. But he became ill and passed away in 2012, and the grant was revoked.

But thanks to something his friends did in his memory, Tran’s dream is still alive.

Manas Bharadwaj, Rob LaMagna-Reiter, Felix Burgstaller

An idea “that will help people succeed”

You two friends?

“I can’t stand the guy.”

Rob LaMagna-Reiter laughs.

He sits in a chair in the Peter Kiewit Institute on UNO’s campus. He laughs because he actually loves working with Manas Bharadwaj, the guy who’s sitting in the chair beside him and laughing now, too.

“There’s no fighting,” Rob says. “Just maybe an overabundance of ideas at times. We share a common drive to want to create something that people find value in. We want to help people succeed.

“And we believe we have a great idea to do that.”

Campaign for Nebraska. Unlimited Possibilities

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“As a person ages, things can come and go but an education can never be taken away that's what makes this scholarship such an amazing gift. Thank you.”

- Tyler Jueden

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