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Campaign for Nebraska. Unlimited Possibilities

The Campaign for Nebraska: Unlimited Possibilities

Fred and Pamela Buffett

You deserve love. You matter.

You deserve love.

You matter.

Those are messages Pamela Buffett wants to send to everyone out in the world who’s trying to overcome so much in their lives, like cancer.

It’s a message she’s learned over the years of her life from the people she’s loved, including her own family and role models like Warren and Susie Buffett and her own big-hearted husband Fred, Warren’s first cousin, who died in 1997 of cancer – “this plague that hurts us all.”

Find out what she did in her late husband’s name to help give people hope.

Dr Levin and Alyson Alvarez

First child to attend college makes family proud

Alyson Alvarez is the youngest of five and the first in her family to attend college.

Neither of her parents graduated from high school, so the fact that she is working on her doctorate in history at UNL, she says, “is a really big deal” to them and to her big, extended family back home in Southern California.

“They always work hard to send me cards in the mail saying that they’re thinking about me and that they’re proud of me. So it really, really means a lot for me to be at UNL and to continue my studies.

“I feel like I’m inspiring all of my nieces and nephews to go to school, too.”

When Alyson phones home, she tells her family about the fascinating things she’s learning. Her dissertation is on widows of the early modern era in England and in Colonial America. She’s discovered that they were often more powerful than people thought.

Recently, Alyson phoned her family to tell them some exciting news.

Dusty Jura and wife Michele

New UNK fundraiser is an old member of the Kearney team

One of the best Loper basketball players in recent years has returned to UNK to be part of another team he loves:

Our team. (And your team, if you care about UNK and Kearney.)

He’s raising money for the College of Education and the Athletic Department. 

“I love UNK,” he says. “I love the mission of the NU Foundation and what it means to UNK. And it’s just an honor to have the position I have.”

He says he loves UNK for many reasons. For the lessons he learned from his coaches and professors that have helped him so far in life. For the great education.

And for the fact that had he not gone to Kearney, he would not have met his wife that one night...

“In a pretty funny way.”

Katherine Slump IT WIN UNO

She loves computers. And it shows.

She’s fallen in love with it.


Information Technology.

But three years ago, Katherine Slump, now a UNO freshman, had no idea what the field of IT even was.

Little did she know, she says, that IT “would change my life forever.”

Learn how this love story began – all by chance.

Katherine Slump IT WIN UNO

Free Dental Day for children makes everyone smile

For some children, dental care is too expensive for their families.

That’s why 13 years ago the UNMC College of Dentistry and its students began providing clinics that offer complimentary dental services just for kids — all on a fun­filled day.

Learn how Children’s Dental Day changes lives.

Campaign for Nebraska. Unlimited Possibilities

The University of Nebraska Foundation is involved in a comprehensive fundraising campaign to fund university priorities such as student scholarships, faculty recruitment, research and program support. The campaign will conclude in 2014. To learn more about the Campaign for Nebraska, or to contribute, go to

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The University of Nebraska Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization raising private gifts to support the University of Nebraska for more than 77 years. In 2013, donors provided the university with $236.7 million for scholarships, medical and other research, academic programs, faculty support and facilities. The foundation’s comprehensive fundraising campaign, the Campaign for Nebraska, has raised more than $1.5 billion for the university and concludes in 2014.

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“As a person ages, things can come and go but an education can never be taken away that's what makes this scholarship such an amazing gift. Thank you.”

- Tyler Jueden

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