Campaign for Nebraska E-newsletter - June 2014

Campaign for Nebraska. Unlimited Possibilities

The Campaign for Nebraska: Unlimited Possibilities

Grant and Stephanie

A wedding gift story with a twist

She thought he was down to earth. And a charmer.

He thought she had the most beautiful smile.

But neither wanted a relationship during their undergraduate years at UNL, so they spent a lot of time trying not to date.

"I guess you can't fight fate."

Stephanie Davis says this eight years later – and just a few days before she walks down the aisle of the Sheldon Museum's auditorium on UNL's City Campus and to the side of Grant Wallace on May 24, their wedding day.

Learn about the unusual request they made of their wedding guests.

Engineering donor does more than just talk about Nebraska

Robert McBroom talks by phone from his home in Wisconsin.

"As I'm fond of saying, ‘Everything was quite a while ago.'"

He laughs.

"When you're 91, everything was long ago."

He talks of the dust, the chickens and the buckets blowing past the kitchen door.

He talks of the black cloud reaching "from the ground to the zenith."

He talks of the day his mother died. He was 8. He remembers it in bits and pieces. The doctor removed her thyroid and the surgery was a success but a few hours later, she died anyway of post-operative shock.

And he talks of the way his dad kept going forward, despite the dark days.

Find out what Robert did for the university to honor his dad.

Will Jensen

Boy with limited vision sees no limits in his future

Will is curious about his world.

One day he asked his grandpa if he knew how many cells were in the human body. (Dr. William Nash, an orthopedic surgeon and retired Army colonel, laughs as he recalls that one. "All these years out of medical school, I could only give him a ballpark number.")

A couple of months ago, Will asked his grandmother if she knew what "identity theft" was. Then he explained it to her in detail.

He likes to read the warning labels on objects. He knows how to read them in both English and Spanish. He must bring the labels up close to his eyes, just an inch or so away. He wears special glasses that make the words larger. Sometimes he uses a magnifying glass, too.

He knows he can't see as well as most people, that he has something called albinism that affects his eyesight. He also knows that his grandpa and grandma did something big in his honor because of that.

Something that made his mom speechless.

Rodrigo and Mary Lopez

Couple sees their children and giving as the glue to their marriage

Two years ago, Mary and Rodrigo Lopez of Omaha led a Habitat for Humanity team in Haiti. It had been several years since the earthquake, and yet many people were still living in tent camps.

One day, a young Haitian woman walked into her new home and saw her very simple bedroom door for the first time.

"Mind you, these homes were smaller than a one-car garage," Mary says. "We will never forget the look of excitement on her face when she realized that she would have a bedroom door of her own, and one that locked, something we often take for granted."

And they will never forget what she told them.


Gratitude is in the cards at UNK

Taylor Hinz drew a smiley face, and she wrote this:

Receiving the Susan Thompson Buffett Scholarship has allowed me to become part of one of the greatest organizations on campus, the Thompson Scholars Learning Community. I never would have met the friends I did without it!

Her card became one of many cards hanging on clothespins and twine inside the UNK student union in May. Taylor, a freshman from York, Neb., was among the many students who participated in the first-ever UgivethaNKs event on campus to highlight grateful Lopers.

Why do you give thanks for UNK?

Campaign for Nebraska. Unlimited Possibilities

The University of Nebraska Foundation is involved in a comprehensive fundraising campaign to fund university priorities such as student scholarships, faculty recruitment, research and program support. The campaign will conclude in 2014. To learn more about the Campaign for Nebraska, or to contribute, go to

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"As a person ages, things can come and go but an education can never be taken away. That's what makes this scholarship such an amazing gift. Thank you."

- Tyler Jueden

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