Campaign for Nebraska E-newsletter - May 2014

Campaign for Nebraska. Unlimited Possibilities

The Campaign for Nebraska: Unlimited Possibilities

Bettina L. Baker

Remembering someone impossible to forget – Bettina

Bettina L. Baker, our foundation co-worker who died April 20, had the most beautiful eyes.

They were a piercing blue – "a scary blue," a friend once said. Her eyes were kind, loving. They held laughter. They held pride whenever she looked at her parents and sisters and nieces and nephews. Like Bettina herself, her eyes were for real.

And they were rare.

What remains?

"Her kindness and her love," says her twin sister.

Hugo Zamorano

A community center centered at UNO

Graffiti covers a wall in this brand new building. 

You can see "OMAHA" painted in yellow and green, with a map of its streets in the background.… You can see two giant hands, clasped in a handshake.… You can see a row of faces of people of different ages and races. One is the face of a handsome young Hispanic man. He has a goat.…

He smiles.

He stands here now in the flesh as he looks at the wall, which he and other young artists from the community had been asked to design and paint. (One of the artist mentors used his face as a model.)

"It's what this building is all about," says Hugo Zamorano, an art major at UNO. "It's the whole idea of community, coming together. It's the whole idea of community engagement."

The mural spans the long north wall of the basement garage of the new $24 million Community Engagement Center, paid for entirely by private money from the community. The center is located behind Criss Library in the middle of UNO's campus, which is in the middle of the city. It will be a place of unity and a gathering spot for the community.

And yet another way that UNO is shaking hands with the city.

The Health Science Education Complex at University of Nebraska at Kearney

UNMC-UNK complex is a game changer for rural health care

Health-care education and access for central and western Nebraska took a giant step forward April 4 when ground was broken at a ceremony for a new University of Nebraska project:

The Health Science Education Complex at University of Nebraska at Kearney.

The collaboration between UNMC and UNK will take the form of a $19 million building on the west edge of UNK's campus, and comes after more than two years of discussion and planning, development of programs and fundraising. The complex will open in June 2015.

Learn more about the vision of UNK and UNMC.

Elise Van Hove

Older sister's hand-me-down right fit for UNL scholarship student

As the youngest of three, Elise Van Hove has always received hand-me-downs.

But Elise, who grew up in South Dakota, says there's one hand-me-down she's especially grateful for – a passion for the University of Nebraska.

The traditions of UNL were passed down to her from her older sister who went there. With the help of scholarships, Elise was able to achieve her dream.

"Thank you so incredibly much," she told a special group of donors the other day.

Young Nebraska leaders go to Washington

A Nebraska Congressman keeps a bed in his office in Washington, D.C.?

That surprised some young Nebraska eyes.

"Walking into (Rep.) Lee Terry's office, it was just a weird feeling because you don't know how to react or what to say or what questions to ask," said Niko Oropeza, a senior at Omaha South High who wants to be a journalist someday.

"We had a lot of questions, and Lee Terry answered every one of them. We got to ask him about Nebraska and what he does, and we learned that he actually lives in his office when he's there – and seeing him pulling down his bed and actually showing it to us was weird."

Niko was one of the high school students in last year's Nebraska Civic Leadership Program, sponsored by UNO.

Omaha Food Pantry

Upcoming giving days can benefit University of Nebraska nonprofits

Ready. Set. Give.

Upcoming community giving day events provide 24-hour focus to the importance of philanthropy within Nebraska and on our University of Nebraska campuses.

Learn more about these special days, and the ways you can help NU.


Campaign for Nebraska. Unlimited Possibilities

The University of Nebraska Foundation is involved in a comprehensive fundraising campaign to fund university priorities such as student scholarships, faculty recruitment, research and program support. The campaign will conclude in 2014. To learn more about the Campaign for Nebraska, or to contribute, go to

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Thank you

"As a person ages, things can come and go but an education can never be taken away that's what makes this scholarship such an amazing gift. Thank you."

- Tyler Jueden

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