Global Engagement

The University of Nebraska is seeking a new level of engagement in the global community. As we pursue partnerships abroad, the high regard in which this university is held is apparent, and provides tremendous opportunities. Most important is that our students, although located in the center of the continent, take second place to no one in having opportunities to experience different cultures, gain understanding of the world and develop skills required to work in the global economy.

Today, only a small percentage of our students study abroad. Our goal is to give every undergraduate the opportunity for a meaningful international experience – classes, internships, research opportunities or service learning. Another is to attract more international students to our campuses, building on the success of programs like UNK's initiative to attract students from Japan. Not only does this help accomplish key educational priorities, it is a source of revenue and relationships for the university and state. We also want to create more programs like UNO's Afghan Teacher Education Project and UNMC's joint research and teaching initiatives with Chinese universities. We will expand efforts like those of UNL Professor Charles Wood, whose National Institutes of Health-funded training program brings important new resources in biomedical research to students and faculty in Zambia. And we will continue to invest in strategic relationships in selected disciplines where we can make a difference in global issues such as drought, hunger and AIDS.

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If I were talking with someone looking for a place to invest, I would tell them there is no better place than in someone's education. If you want to insure the success of your community, your area, it should be in young people of the future. Many won't get there without scholarships and education, but those who receive will be the ones who work the hardest and obtain the most success, making the biggest difference in their community.
Andrea Miller, Scholarship Recipient