Information Technology

The University of Nebraska is the leader in two cutting-edge programs that blend information technology and business. These two programs are also among our strongest magnets for attracting top students from inside and outside the state. In addition, once these students graduate, they are highly sought after by employers, and they are a key pipeline for the state's tech startup companies.

The Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management in Lincoln and the Peter Kiewit Institute in Omaha have excellent faculty teaching, an advanced curriculum that integrates real-world experience and the guidance of outstanding, real-world grounded, lay boards. PKI is poised to move to the next level of accomplishment with a new focus on research that will attract star faculty.

Students and faculty who could go to MIT or Stanford are coming to Nebraska.

The university's super computers, at the Holland Computing Center in Omaha and at the Schorr Center for Computer Science and Engineering in Lincoln, are among the fastest in the world and are being used to examine drought, military decision-making and whether powerful lasers can detect hidden bombs. Because of all of this, students and faculty who could go to MIT or Stanford are coming to Nebraska.

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