University of Nebraska - Lincoln

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln is experiencing a dramatic period of achievement, and there is no better time to invest in its future. UNL is now firmly positioned among the top 50 public universities. Its growing reputation for a unique undergraduate experience at a reasonable cost resulted in increased enrollment of students who, on average, have the highest academic credentials in the history of the university.

"The Campaign for Nebraska represents an opportunity to transform the university, to take it to the next level, and we are positioned to do this." John Gottschalk, UNL Campaign Chair

Its reputation for research has soared, and sponsored research now exceeds $100 million a year - more than double from a decade ago - enabling UNL to establish federal centers of excellence. In addition, UNL continues its tradition as a land-grant institution by providing the benefits of its teaching and research across the state.

UNL has focused on two priorities: undergraduate education and research. Recent success demonstrates this focus achieves results.

The Campaign for Nebraska seeks to capitalize on this success while transforming the university and the state. It will make the university a powerful magnet for talented young people needed for Nebraska's work force, prepare students for an economy driven by innovation, and ensure research contributes to the economy. Thank you for supporting these priorities and for believing in the unlimited possibilities of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

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