University of Nebraska Medical Center

To look at the face of a mother who just learned her young child has cancer. Or a husband whose wife is stricken with Alzheimer's. Words cannot describe their anguish. Yet mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, daughters and sons know there is just one place, beyond any in the region, that has the expertise, commitment and compassion to care for their loved ones. The University of Nebraska Medical Center.

"UNMC is poised to be among the best in the nation and world. We are making a difference, and our momentum is accelerating." Chancellor Maurer

Today, an unprecedented momentum exists at UNMC and its campuses across the state. The medical center community is determined to become a world-class academic health science center. In other words, to be the best in caring for the health of this state's citizens.

This is accomplished by integrating UNMC's visionary leadership with its extraordinary education programs that prepare the majority of this state's health care professionals; with the hard work, innovation and commitment to vigorously pursue new medical discoveries; and with the perseverance of UNMC physicians, faculty and researchers to help Nebraskans live longer, healthier lives.

The Campaign for Nebraska provides UNMC a tremendous opportunity to raise the private support needed for key priorities that, when achieved, will shape health care and benefit Nebraskans in unprecedented ways.


Key Campaign Priorities by College and Institute

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