Donations to the Campaign for Nebraska: Unlimited Possibilities will be used to support students and faculty so we can attract and retain the best of both. It will also be used to fund priority areas in which the university already has established leadership. Please make a gift to one of the campaign priority areas or choose to support your college directly.


There are a variety of other ways you can fulfill your philanthropic desires including bequests, charitable gift annuities, life insurance and others. There are also several ways to increase the power of your gift like matching gifts through your employer or NU Donor Select.

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I want to extend my gratitude for the financial assistance the Edward Rejda Scholarship provides me personally. I appreciate your support- it helps make ends meet while I am taking classes. I am working and paying for my own education. Your scholarship helps make the amount of loans I have to take out a lot smaller. Thank you for your generosity.
Tiffany Meyer, Scholarship Recipient