leadership committee

Top row from left to right: Jim Clifton, John Gottschalk, Walter Scott, Bruce Lauritzen, Jeff Raikes, Larry Hall.
Front row from left to right: Howard Hawks, Susie Buffett, Jim Young, Jim Abel, Ron Williams, Mike Yanney, Gail Walling Yanney, M.D., Mike Dunlap.

The campaign is guided by an exemplary voluntary executive leadership committee consisting of a blue-ribbon panel of area business men and women dedicated to the growth and success of the University of Nebraska.

In addition to the executive committee, each campus has its own leadership committee as well.

UNL Campaign Committee

Harvey Perlman, J.D. (UNL Chancellor)
John Gottschalk (UNL Campaign Chair)
Duane Acklie
Merle Bachman
Robert Brightfelt
Charles Dalluge
Dale Hallock
Tom Hoegemeyer
Bob Korba
Tonn & Holly Ostergard
Lynn Roper
Kit Schmoker
Jim & Rhonda Seacrest
Charles Wilson

UNO Campaign Committee

John E. Christensen, Ph.D. (UNO Chancellor)
Jim Young, (UNO Campaign Chair)
Ellie Archer
Dick Bell
Gary Gates
Dick Holland
Clark Lauritzen
Rodrigo Lopez
Carl Mammel
Mike McCarthy
John Morgan
John Nelson
John Scott
Barb Weitz
Wally Weitz

UNMC Campaign Committee


Harold M. Maurer, M.D. (UNMC Chancellor)
Gail Walling Yanney, M.D. (UNMC Campaign Co-Chair)
Michael Yanney (UNMC Campaign Co-Chair)
Richard Bell
Lynne Boyer
Tim Daugherty
Richard Holland
Terry Kroeger
Bruce Lauritzen
John P. Nelson
John A. Scott
Stanley Truhlsen, M.D.

UNK Campaign Committee

Doug Kristensen, J.D. (UNK Chancellor)
Ron Williams (UNK Campaign Co-Chair)
Larry Hall (UNK Campaign Co-Chair)
Bill Bauhard
Bill Beavers
Butch Brown
Margaret Brown
Betty Cook
Ed Cook III
Larry Edwards
Brian Hamilton
Tom Henning
Ken Kroeker
Lori McClurg
Scott Nelson
Bradley Rodgers
Leroy Smith
Paul Younes



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I am a graduating law student. I just want Mrs. Schmid (donor to the UNL College of Law) to know that I have used that reading room for many long hours. At times of uncertainty and stress, I have looked out those large windows onto the open space of East Campus and found peace. Thank you for your gift and support of the Law College.
Anonymous Student