Faculty Support


The best and brightest students need the best and brightest faculty. Recently, the University of Nebraska has drawn faculty from universities such as Northwestern, Michigan, Virginia and Cornell. Universities compete for talent - the top doctors, researchers and professors who will inspire and motivate students and discover great things through research.

We are now ranked among the top 30 public universities in research and development.

The last campaign created 95 endowed chairs and professorships; today we have 241 endowed chairs and professorships. In 2000, we had $2.6 million in faculty support; today, it's $4.5 million. And when it comes to research, our reputation has grown. We are now ranked among the top 30 public universities in research and development. And every campus has been physically transformed by the addition of new or renovated facilities. For a snapshot of our progress, drive by any university campus. Facilities have been constructed to further basic research, medical education, agriculture, life sciences and more. Demand to attract and keep the best faculty will continue to grow. Without the best, we cannot be the best. And with the best, the possibilities are unlimited.

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Thanks to your generous scholarship I am one step closer to my goals. You have allowed me to focus on classes and not on funding my education. Your generosity is overwhelming and I hope that someday I will be able to return the gesture and help a student as you have helped me.

Whitney R. Brown, Scholarship Recipient