University of Nebraska - Omaha

The celebration of UNO's 100th anniversary, while in part a nod to the past, also provided a clear opportunity to share UNO's vision as a leading metropolitan university: to be a key asset and resource for Omaha in the 21st century.

"Now is the time for UNO to seize the opportunity to become a national leader among metropolitan universities. Join us in realizing this dream." John E. Christensen, Ph.D., UNO Chancellor

Research by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the UNO Center for Public Affairs Research, for example, tells us the significance of this vision. Simply put, the successful cities of the future will exist where great universities lead the way. Omaha is no exception.

UNO will be central to its metropolitan area, building the educated and skilled work force for tomorrow, engaging the community to innovatively address challenges and opportunities, and enriching a quality of life that attracts and benefits citizens and businesses alike.

UNO's vision requires not only its full resources, but the financial investment of alumni, friends and the community as well.

The Campaign for Nebraska provides UNO and Omaha a tremendous opportunity. Its success can significantly enhance UNO's ability to influence the well-being and prosperity of the metropolitan area. UNO's three strategic priorities – student-centered learning, academic excellence and community engagement – provide the foundation for achieving this vision. Funding of the campaign priorities ensures UNO is central to our city.

Key Campaign Priorities by College

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